Affiliate Influencer Program

Become an Affiliate Influencer with Aerial Yoga Academy!

o    Are you a professional in the fitness field or a business selling fitness and yoga products?
o    Have you chosen a different career path in order to become financially independent and follow your dream at the same time?
o    Are you interested in effective and legit ways of obtaining passive income?
Then our Aerial Yoga Affiliate Influencer Program is definitely the right thing for you! It is an amazing opportunity to get extra cash by continuing to do what you love while also recommending our business to qualified prospects.

How it works
Join the Aerial Yoga Academy’s Affiliate Influencer Program and earn some extra cash! Recommend our business and courses to your customers or people in your professional network and you will be rewarded.
•    Receive 20% for every sale for the 250hr Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainer Certification
•    That gives you $119.80 USD - directly in to your pocket!
•    Receive 20% for every sale of the 80hr Aerial Restorative Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer Certification
•    That gives you $99.80 USD - directly in to your pocket!

The Affiliate Influencer Program is very simple and safe!

1.    Once you fill out the form every Affiliate will be given their very own personalised link.
2.    Place the link on your website, Facebook, Instagram page or any other media of your choosing.
3.    Once your customer clicks on the link and purchases one of our programs the computer tracks the sales link and automatically assigns you the commission, it’s instant!
4.    You have personal access to your account at all times. You are the boss and we do not need any personal bank details from you.
5.    Simply set up your own personal PayPal account and just provide us the email associated with it. We will connect your personalised affiliate link to your PayPal email so that every sale that is made goes straight into your PayPal account and only you have access to it, NOT US!    

Who We Are?

We are a registered, reputable international Aerial Yoga Academy who supplies the most comprehensive Aerial Yoga Teacher Training certification on the market today! We have trained thousands of students all across the globe. Please visit our website or social media pages for more information about us.

How to become an Affiliate Influencer with AYA?

We are only accepting a handful of affiliates. If you have been personally contacted by us we have hand selected YOU! Make sure to register before July 1st as we will not accept any more affiliates after the cut-off date. Once you have registered we will set up your personalised affiliate link (to be shared on your website and social media links) we will also send you your private account login details so you can view the progress of your sales and other details.

Note: All Affiliate’s need a PayPal account so if you do not have one please set one up before registering. It’s free and only takes a few minutes. Please enter your PayPal account email on the below registration form as we are unable to create your personalised affiliate account in our system without it.

Aerial Yoga Affiliate Influencer Program

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