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How does it work?

1. Join the Aerial Yoga Academy’s Affiliate  Program by filling out the form below.

2. Once this is done we will get in-touch and provide you with your personalised link. Share this on your website and all your social media posts.  

 3. Once people click on the link and purchase our course, your commission of 20% goes straight into your A.Y.A individual account.

How much is that?

* 250hr flying intensive Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainer Certification~ That's $119.80 USD straight into account!.
* 80hr Aerial Restorative Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer Certification~  That's $99.80 USD straight into your account!

4. At the end of every month your accumulated money will be paid directly into your paypal account!

5. That's right we do not need any personal bank details from you.  Simply set up your own personal PayPal account and just provide us the email associated with it. We will connect your personalised affiliate link to your PayPal email so that every sale that is made goes straight into your PayPal account and only you have access to it, NOT US!

Who are we?

We are a registered, reputable international Aerial Yoga Academy who supplies the most comprehensive Aerial Yoga Teacher Training certification on the market today! We have trained thousands of students all across the globe. Please visit our website or social media pages for more information about us.

It is really that simple! The best things in life are FREE! JOIN NOW!

Aerial Yoga Affiliate Influencer Program

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