Aerial Yoga - What does the Science Say?

The Scientific Studies You Need to Know About

Aerial yoga, also known as anti-gravity yoga, aero yoga and flying yoga, is a form of suspension fitness that uses the help of the hammock to create effortless, deep, profound strengthening and stretching of the entire body. 

The floating fitness class increases all over body tone and burns more calories, all the whilst protecting muscles, joints and spine due to the gravity free practice. 


1. A 2019, 12 month study of 116 participants with lower back pain found practicing gravity inversion for just 10 minutes once or twice per day reduced the need for sick leave by 33% 

2. A 2016, 6-week study of 16 healthy women performing three 50min sessions of aerial yoga a week found each class elicited a “metabolic response” of 4.8MET and an energy expenditure of 320 kcal. This compares to 4.3MET and 200kcal in a Zumba class of equivalent length. The same study found at the end of 6 weeks participants had on average a 6.7% reduction in body fat, a 7.3% reduction in blood pressure, a 14.7% reduction in triglycerides (fat in the blood) and a 10.9% increase in maximal oxygen intake (V02max). 

3. A 2012 study involving 26 participants with severe lower back degradation needing surgery. Half were treated with inversion therapy and the other half with physiotherapy. 77% of the inversion patients avoided surgery compared to only 22% of the physiotherapy patients. 

In a nutshell aerial yoga is a incredible preventative, healing and protective practice for the spine, back and neck. It is also wonderful for loosing fat, burning calories and increased general health and well-being. 

Whether you think of it as a form of Yoga, Pilates, aerial fitness or aerial arts the stunning health benefits cannot be denied….. the question is are your ready to soar for more today?