Aerial Yoga and its hidden benefit you need to know about!

We have all heard of our inner child.
Some of us may have even done work on this aspect of ourselves.

But did you know that Aerial Yoga naturally gets you in touch with your Inner child? Remember that small part of yourself that loved to swing and play? It doesn't take long once a student is in a Aerial Yoga class to release the inner child's innocence and joy that this style of yoga brings.💕

Here is a Inner child exercise.

With you hands on your heart try saying loving affirmations every morning before you get out of bed. Affirmations have a way of rewiring the brain and sinking down into unconscious layers of programming. Repeating such messages can result in deep change and healing at a primal level.

Here are some loving and supportive affirmations you can say to yourself:💕

Its okay to be your self
I’m so glad you’re here
You’re allowed to say no
I believe in you
There is no one like you 

So to get in touch with your inner child today why don't you swing and play in an Aerial Yoga hammock?

Visit an Aerial Yoga class or become an Aerial Yoga teacher trainer.