Why Aerial Yoga is easier than floor yoga!

Aerial yoga, also known as Anti-gravity yoga, Aero gravity yoga and Flying yoga, is a form of suspension fitness. This style of yoga incorporates a silk hammock into a traditional yoga class.

The Aerial yoga hammock acts like your own personal yoga teacher and naturally adjusts your body by bringing it into correct alignment.

Aerial Yoga offers more support than a normal floor yoga class allowing teachers to offer an array of classes suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced yogis.

During an Aerial yoga class, the Aerial yoga hammock supports half your body weight making it 50% easier than normal yoga. Once you feel you are stronger in your practice, you are then able to begin taking more of the weight on to your own body rather than relying solely on the Aerial Yoga hammock for assistance.

The Aerial Yoga hammock is a great and safe way to learn balancing poses by having something to hold on to for support. In traditional yoga classes on the floor, only a small number of students are able to do advanced poses, such as scorpion or handstand, which are a result of many years of yoga practice, dedication and endurance.

The beauty of Aerial yoga is that 95% of students can do such advanced poses in the Aerial hammock during their first class!

Aerial yoga is the easiest, most effective tool to use while building up the strength, stamina and endurance to progress towards a standing floor pose if that is what you are aiming for.

Aerial Yoga also has less impact and wear and tear on the body than normal floor yoga, so if you are recovering from an injury you are able to go deeper in Aerial yoga without the strain or impact of gravity.